Have you ever heard about rolling trays?

Do you know how Italian say “stoner”? We call them “fattoni” and this word has a very negative connotation. Probably because pot is still illegal in our country, so stoner are also criminals who break the laws, buying cannabis in an illegally way.
But how can you feel like a criminal when much of the world smoke pot is nowadays legal? When celebrities, politicians, fashion designers, sportsmen and important people celebrating cannabis with public speeches, items, fashion garments, gizmo or simple instagram pictures?
Many new products were launched on the market, that previously of the wave of global legalization did not exist, as rollingtray.
What is this?
A practical trays with an attractive design that allow you to easily roll a joint in every situation or position.
Once upon a time everyone produced his/her personal rollingtray, most of the times with a coconut for example, or used a CD case … but now even the CDs are out and expensive! But you need one!
That’s why all major cannabis brands have realized their proper rollingtray, often in plastic and with clearly visible mark.

Well, when rolling a joint becomes a daily activity, it’s better to invest a few euro more and take home the most beautiful rollingtray that I’ve ever seen, don’t you think?
I chose SumH rollingtray first of all because it is not made of plastic, but is made of the sustainable material par excellence, wood.
SumH is completely Made in Italy, manufacting in the chair district, famous for wooden chairs, and designed by a young Italian designer, Federico Bravo, who has reflected on not hiding your rolling kit in a drawer, but showing it.

It’s so cool and it has also the tablet holder function… moreover SumH has the right weight for me, all the others trays that I’ve tried before were too lightweight, and every time I inadvertently dropped everything on the floor! DAMN!

With this unique Italian design object with simple and elegant lines, 100% natural you will definitely don’t feel a stoner!

SumH rollingtray